SUM by David Eagleman. 

Infographic poster that portrays the humorous and surreal twist to the David Eagleman's philosophy of the afterlife, using typography and illustration.

The poster was featured at the SVA Year Show at the  Art Directors Club in March 2015. 

Size: 24''x36''
Typeface: Edmond Sans
Text: David Eagleman
Design & Illustration: Claudine Eriksson


Type sizes reflect the amount of time spent, and they are organized from biggest amount to smallest, the plus sign separates the volume of time. All verbs are underlined, and treasury information reads along the graphics. Soft clashing colors for playfulness, limited color-palette for simplicity. 


Template for other people to interpret the text. Boxes are indicate where to interact with the poster. 


One example of filling in the template, this is Jason Ng's Interpretation.